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Cable light KL1242-FS12

Article number 12428
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Product Information

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KL1242 FS12: THE Most powerful Metalsub cablelight with a capacity of 12000 lumens

The newest FS 12 LED12000 version of the KL1242 cable lamp collection is the most powerful Metalsub dive light available, with 12000Lumen output in total. This is the first dive light with a combined Spot and Flood function. Two separate switches control both functions and can also be used simultaneously for maximum light output. The light output is delivered in an elegant spot with a beam angle of 10 degrees. The Metalsub reflectors are specially designed to ensure that there are no visible rings or dark spots in the light beam. Due to the minimal dimensions, the low weight: only 150 grams underwater, and the enormous light output, this lamp is very workable for experienced, serious divers with high expectations.

This cable lamp has the familiar characteristics of all Metalsub lamps: reliable, indestructible and made of the best kind of aluminum, equipped with a hard anodizing layer that meets the strictest American military requirements. The front glass is made of tempered glass.

  • Infinitely dimmable from 0 to 100%
  • 3 warning signals (SOS-Flash-Strobe)
  • 4 dim options and 2 warning signals (SOS - Flash)
  • Stainless steel ring for attachment to the equipment
  • Thermally electronic/mechanic heat protection >60 ° C
  • Deep discharge protection
  • tested to 25 bar

Burn time

With the middle format Metalsub battery tank of 11 Ah, this lamp still burns for 2 hours without dimming, while with the largest 15 Ah battery tank it illuminates more than 3 hours at full power. This burning time can of course be extended considerably by dimming the lamp steplessly.

Order this lamp with a 11 Ah or 15 Ah battery tank and MP2500 quick charger.

Technical specifications

Aluminium, hard-anodized and impregnated with Teflon*
Weight above water
600 gram
Weight under water
150 gram
Color temperature
SPOT=5700K/ FLOOD=5000K
Maximum pressure test
25 bar
Cable length
1 meter
Sizes (L x B)
170 x 72mm


3564_20220423121705_Handleiding-manual FS12.pdf

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