For 25 years, Metalsub has been a manufacturer of diving lights and quick release systems
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Lightning for Explorer submarines

Lightning for Explorer submarines

U-Boat Worx Breda

U-boat Worx is a Dutch designer and producer of explorer submarines. This mini-submarines are specially designed to fit on top of decks of luxury yachts and cruise ships. The submarines can reach a depth ranging from 100 to even 3 kilometers. Metalsub, as experienced dive light manufacturer has taken up the challenge to design ultra powerful lights for these submarines, which still function reliable even under high deep sea pressure. This resulted in an elegant highly powerful light that has overcome every technical challenge. Now the exterior of the U-Boat submarines is accomodated with a serie of Metalsub submarine lights. 

Hyperbaric pressure tester 6000 MWC

This hyperbaric pressure tank tests the strength and reliability of the lights during very high pressure. The tank is made of 70 - 75 solid aluminum and is able to reach a pressure of 600 bars, this in other words represents a depth of 6 kilometers. The U-Boat Worx lamps are tested at 450 bars. 

The bolts are tightened after the lamp has been placed in the tank. These strong screws and bolts resist the astronomically heavy forces from the tank.

The lid is then gradually pushed down until the desired pressure is reached. 

The U-Boat Worx lamps will still function reliably at a depth of 4500 meters, or 450 bar, as indicated by this pressure gauge. See the image below to get an idea of ​​the depths this pressure tank can achieve. 4000 to 6000 meters represents the Abyssal sea zone, a layer above the deep-sea troughs. To compare: The North Sea is only 94 meters deep on average, the deepest ocean, the Pacific Ocean is 4000 meters deep on average.

Image: Joachim Blomme | © all rights reserved