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Waist Belt Mount BatteryTank 10Ah - black line edition

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Product Information

View product information of Waist Belt Mount BatteryTank 10Ah - black line edition


Refurbished Waist belt mount battery tank - 12 volt and 10 Ah

Metalsub offers a few left over waist belt mount battery tanks, derived from a special assigment. These 'black-line' edition battery tanks are equipped with a rock solid mounting clip for waist belt attachment. Refurbished into a 10 Ah power battery tank. 


✓  Never used, brand new condition
✓  New 10 Ah battery

Burn time

The 12 Volt and 10 Ah power battery provides a very long burning time (at full power) of more than 4,5 hours when using a 24 Watt lamp head and up to 2 hours when using the most powerful Metalsub cable lamp of 60 Watt. This battery tank is a fair compromise between compactness and large capacity.


  • Manufactured from a very high quality aluminum.
  • Equipped with Metalsub's unique anodising layer, according to US Military Standards (MIL-A-8625-E type3 class2). This protective layer is also impregnated with Teflon, which guarantees a high degree of corrosion resistance.
  • Equipped with an overpressure valve, so that any gases which arise during charging can safely leave the battery.
  • Designed according to the "less is more" principle: no unnecessary buttons, lids or openings.
  • Special 'black-line' design.
  • The battery tank has only one connection that is used both to connect the (exchangeable) lamp head and to charge the lamp.
  • The streamlined, rounded, minimalist design without sharp edges also ensures that underwater lines and nets do not easily catch on this tank.
  • Equipped with Metalsub's very robust cable light coupling: connect or remove in seconds with just a quarter turn.

Technical specifications


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