For 25 years, Metalsub has been a manufacturer of diving lights and quick release systems
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Metalsub has been known as manufacturer of quality diving lamps for over 25 years. Metalsub has the knowledge and resources to provide specialist services in the field of metalworking and lighting products. Metalsub develops various unique products such as special tools, molds and lighting for deep-sea applications. The clients - both Dutch and international - are located within the offshore industry, food industry, fire brigade, navy and luxury yacht building

A tailor-made manufacturing process

1. Your product is designed with great attention and precision using the latest software (CADCAM).

2. Based on the technical design, a unique prototype is created. The prototype will undergo extensive testing procedures within various conditions. Does the product have to function at a depth of hundreds of meters or even kilometers? Do you want a perfect light beam? Metalsub is equipped with a test room including adequate test equipment, such as a hyperbaric pressure tank with a test pressure up to 600 bar, light meters for light emission angle and intensity and a Cadex battery test system.

3. After the product has been definitively approved, the desired quantity of the product is manufactured using Metalsubs state of the art metalworking machines.

Special Products

Would you like to explore the possibilities for developing your unique product with Metalsub? Please do not hesitate to contact us via or call +31 294 43 28 12


From precision work to fast production, Metalsub owns German quality machines for various purposes, such as 3- and 5-axis DMG milling machines and two CNC lathes. The newest addition is the Sondick's wire EDM machine, excellent for precision work. The process of electrical wire erosion cuts the metal within the precision of just two microns.