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Set 1 Permanent double set system

Article number 92999
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Set 1 Permanent double set system

Set 1 contains the parts that you permanently attach to your double set. Together with the optional steel twinning belt, it forms a particularly strong connection between the cylinders of your double set. The system is designed in such a way that it basically fits every size of double set.

This set contains the following parts:

  • 2 twinning plates
  • 2 synthetic spacers 8mm
  • 2 synthetic spacers 17mm
  • 2 lock nuts m8
  • 2 washers
  • 2 pre-assembled ends and twinning nuts

Quick release

The Metalsub Quick release systems make it possible to change between different cylinders in a very easy way. It doesn’t matter if these are double or single cylinders. The system is made up of three sets. Depending on your cylinders you can put together different, always matching sets.

Quick Release System for double sets

This version of Metalsub's iconic family of Quick Release systems is unique in the world. It provides a very strong connection between your jack or wing on the one hand and your double set on the other. That means that you can fasten your trim jack or wing to your double set in a few seconds and literally at the touch of a button.

The system is so strong that it does not matter how big or heavy your set is. The system is easily capable of bearing a double-7 and even a steel double-20.

This system is provided with a locking pin, which prevents accidentally pressing in the coupling button under water.

This version is modular and consists of three sets. So you can quickly switch between your various dive sets. From big to small, from single to double, from empty to full: no problem at all. Ideal for instructors, professional divers and schools.

Quality and design 

All parts of the Quick Release for double sets match up to the well-known Metalsub quality, they are made of a very high quality aluminum and equipped with Metalsub's unique hard and unusually thick Teflon impregnated anodising layer, according to US Military Standards. This guarantees corrosion resistance, while the weight remains limited. The push button, locking pin, coupling mechanism, bolts, nuts and twinning band are made of seawater resistant stainless steel.

The sleek, rounded, minimalist design with low profile and no sharp edges also ensures that underwater lines and nets do not easily catch on the fastening system.

Quick release PARTS

Set 1 Permanent double set Set 2 Permanent backpack system Set 3 Twinning band

Technical specifications

Aluminium, hard-anodized and impregnated with Teflon*
Stainless steel
Weight complete set
900 gr
Anodised in accordance with American Military Standard MIL-A-8625-E type 3 class 2 and impregnated with Teflon, which guarantees a high degree of corrosion resistance.


Parts for the Set 1 Permanent double set system

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