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Handheld XL13.2 LED5000

Article number 46850
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Together with its smaller brother, the XL 7.2, this lamp forms the Metalsub family of hand lamps with handle bracket. This bracket is useful, for example, to put the lamp behind a weight belt to release the hands temporarily.

This lamp obviously has the familiar characteristics of all Metalsub lamps: indestructible, made of the best kind of aluminum, provided with a hard anodising layer that meets the strictest American military requirements and a pressure relief valve to drain any excess battery gas. The front glass is made of tempered glass.


This lamp doesn't need to be opened to charge the NiMH battery. The lamp has two external charging plugs in which the plugs of the supplied charger can be plugged. This therefore limits the risk of moisture in the lamp if the lamp has to be charged on a moisty boat, for example.

The included MP1100 charger can recharge this powerful lamp in 6 hours and automatically switches to pulse charging after charging to prevent damage caused by overcharging. The lamp is also equipped with a built-in thermal protection to prevent overheating of the battery during charging, but also of a protection against deep discharge. So protection in every thinkable way!

At a full charge, the lamp with a 5000 LED head remains lit for 60 minutes at 100%. To extend the burning time, this lamp is continuously dimmable between 0 and 100%.

The lamp is equipped with a handy color LED which indicates the amount of remaining burning time the lamp has left over by the green-orange-red traffic light colors. As with other Metalsub lamps, the familiar SOS and flash / strobe signal modes are of course present.

Technical specifications

Aluminium, hard-anodized and impregnated with Teflon*
EPDM rubber coating
Sizes (Ø x L)
83 x 247mm
Weight complete set
2.4 kg (box + lamp + charger)
Weight above water
1.7 kg
Weight under water
600 gram
Power and Lumen
50W - 5000 Lumen
Color temperature
5700 Kelvin
Spot 10°
Maximum pressure test
25 bar
Deep discharge protection
Thermally electronic/mechanic heat protection >60 ° C
Overpressure valve for any battery gas leakage
Battery type
Battery power
13,2V - 4,5Ah
Charging time battery cells
± 6 hours
Burn time at full power
± 60 min **
Additional functions
3 warning signals (SOS-Flash-Strobe)
Infinitely dimmable
Green / yellow / red LED display to indicate the remaining burning time
External charging via a charging plug
4 dim options and 2 warning signals (SOS - Flash)
Lanyard included to prevent loss
Anodised in accordance with American Military Standard MIL-A-8625-E type 3 class 2 and impregnated with Teflon, which guarantees a high degree of corrosion resistance.
Measured at a full power dimming position and at a water temperature of 20ºC.


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